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Physical/Occupational Therapy

Physical/Occupational Therapy

All of our therapists are licensed in the State of MN and have gone through a criminal background check. They have been given training on the company’s expectations for high quality care. Our therapist will work alongside other professionals who are assisting you, including doctors, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, home health aides, personal-care attendants, and payor case managers.

Our Physical Therapist Provide:
  • Pain Management: Help to decrease your pain level
  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Help to improve your heart
  • Restore Musculoskeletal Function: Exercises that support strengthening of your muscles and restore movement patterns of the arms, legs, back, and neck.
  • Exercises to support strength of large muscles like your legs
  • Ambulation (Gait) Training: Help with walking and moving around
  • Scooter, Wheelchair, Walker, and other Durable Medical Equipment assessment and recommendations
  • Energy Conservation Training: Learn how to keep mobile with less effort
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation: Help with functioning such as after knee surgery
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation: Help after surgery to ensure ability to perform daily functions
Our Occupational Therapist Provide:
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation: help with living more independently when returning home, and are living at home recovering from hospitalization or with a long-term disability
  • Evaluation of equipment to ensure safety and independence: including equipment for the bathroom, kitchen, general living areas and stairways, especially entrance and exit to and from the home
  • Restore Musculoskeletal Function: exercise for your arms and upper body in order to complete activities of daily living (ADLs) successfully
  • Cognitive and memory functioning: help with the ability to live safely independently at home management, strengthening of muscles, ensure safety and independence

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